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Job Description

Our Barcelona-based C&I tribe mission is “We provide services, tools, expertise, and support to give Adevinta developers a best-in-class cloud-native developer experience. We make it easy and efficient to ship and operate secure, flexible, and scalable solutions for Adevinta's customers”

The OrkA team is part of the Cloud Platform and is the glue between Continuous Integration and the runtime. It is specifically responsible for Continuous Deployment including advanced deployment features, Kubernetes Abstraction, and our MultiCluster Kubernetes API. Our focus is software development applied to Infrastructure and more specifically to Kubernetes. Our plan for the future is to focus more on technical leverage by transitioning from in-house developed tools to generally accepted industry standards.

Our style: in OrkA we are proud of being a collaborative team in which everybody is important, everybody is empowered, and everybody has a voice. We make decisions together and really practice both “Radical Candor” and “Disagree and Commit”. We support each other and we give our best to provide value for the company.

We are looking for a Technical Leader with knowledge on both development and SRE skills, because the team mainly develops integrations and abstractions on top of Kubernetes. We are looking for an enthusiastic and resilient person. Somebody who can get the technical respect of the team and convince them to follow her/him. Also… we need this person to have the necessary strategic view to define the team technical roadmap.

In OrkA, you will be:
  • Designing and developing features related to integrations and abstractions on top of Kubernetes. 
  • Build and design the Continuous Deployment general Golden Path
  • Work on features related with deployment orchestration of both stateful and stateless workloads
  • Writing down technical blueprints
  • Defining the technical roadmap of the team
  • Keeping a healthy balance between new features and attention to the technical debt
  • Troubleshooting Kubernetes problems related to deployment
  • Performing Kubernetes upgrades following a semi-automated approach
  • Providing support for users of our products: troubleshooting, answering questions, and writing documentation
  • Proactively addressing potential problems and risks in the products to mitigate them before they are reported


  • Competitive compensation package
  • Opportunity to shape the way we work. Your feedback and opinions are valued at all levels of the organisation
  • Benefits including stock purchase plan and annual bonus plans
  • Flexibility to work when and how you want - flexible hours, autonomy to set your own agenda, choice of phone and computer
  • Smart Working Policy - work remotely some of the time, balanced with time in the office together with your team - between 5 and 45 days per quarter in the office depending on each team.
  • 'Work from anywhere' weeks - up to four weeks working from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection!
  • Career development, including language classes and Adevinta Academies: specialised content built by our experts on Machine Learning, Agile, Leadership and more

    • Flexible benefits programme (transport, restaurants, child-care, etc), Free daily breakfast, 26 days of holiday


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